Although court work routinely involves business litigation, there are other trial matters that our office handles in state and federal court, including, real estate, probate, employment, personal injury, and corporate disputes. Our philosophy is to try to resolve your issue as efficiently as possible through settlement negotiations. However, there are times when a simple resolution is not possible. You deserve an attorney with first-chair trial experience that is committed to your cause throughout the litigation process.

Our office has litigated cases against most major law firms in Cincinnati. This includes initial filings with the court, motions, depositions, written discovery, and ultimately trial. All of this is done while being mindful of the expense and other difficulties that go hand in hand with extensive litigation, and keeping you fully informed. Our thorough preparation increases the likelihood of a favorable resolution prior to trial, by placing you in a strong position during settlement negotiations. Should we be unable to settle the case, that same preparation increases your likelihood of success at trial.