Condominium / HOA

Our office routinely handles a variety of real estate matters. Some clients may only need assistance with a residential real estate matter such as reviewing documents associated with the purchase or sale of a house, disputes with neighbors, deeds, mortgages, leases, and land contracts. Although many firms may consider this a simple process, our office understands that this can be a major issue in your life. You may be dealing with more complicated issues that make legal counsel a necessity. Those can include commercial leases, commercial purchases, real estate litigation, construction litigation, zoning, easements, deed preparation, condominium, and homeowner association (“HOA”) law.

Mr. Mitchell is a published author on the topic of condominium law with vast experience. Our office represents numerous condominium and homeowner associations in greater Cincinnati. Having served on two association boards, Mr. Mitchell offers a unique perspective to each community he represents. Working closely with not only the management company, but also with the board of directors, enables us to stay on top of the association’s needs. Your association typically deals with delinquencies and compliance issues. We work with the board to shorten the association’s delinquency list. Sometimes this can be resolved without filing a lien. However, should a lien and subsequent foreclosure lawsuit be necessary, we will handle it as quickly as possible to limit the association’s losses that occur with delinquent accounts.

Oftentimes, there are compliance issues within the association. Our office can assist the board in interpreting the declarations, how they coincide with Ohio law, and amending them when necessary. We handle all aspects of litigation that may be required. We also help the association complete documents necessary to have the community FHA certified.

Should you need assistance with any of these areas of law, please contact us to discuss how we may be able to help you.